About us

About us

Envirobot is an international, solution-oriented company in the field of "environmental technology", where development, production and sales take place under one roof. Founded in 2018, it has always pursued the goal of providing customers with professional tools. Originating from the desire for a combined inspection and cleaning system that users and resellers repeatedly brought to the company owners Frank Matt and Alexander Spies, they now cover this need with innovative solutions. These are based on decades of industry experience and the technical know-how of the company founders.

What was put on the right track in 1994 as a trainee mechatronics engineer at "IPEK Spezial TV", Frank Matt, as co-founder and shareholder of minCam GmbH, is now bringing to the envirobot company. His expertise in the development, production and sale of special cameras for optical inspection is indispensable for the broad applicability of the professional devices on offer.

After completing his training as an industrial electronics engineer at Siemens, Alexander Spies worked on control systems for water supply and disposal. He also worked for a manufacturer of sewer inspection technology for a few years before venturing into self-employment in 2010 and founding the company ETECAS. This deals with the development and production of UV curing systems in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation and is therefore based on extensive specialist knowledge from which envirobot has also benefited since 2018.

What unites both of them, beyond the know-how they brought into the company and the passion for reliable, technical solutions, is the conviction that customers are not just buyers, but valuable partners. The flexibility of her owner-managed company makes it possible to live up to this attitude and always be in close contact with their customers. This and the modular design of the envirobot systems mean that even special requests can be implemented promptly and cost-effectively.

envirobot is already one of the leading manufacturers of robust, reliable solutions for the simultaneous inspection and cleaning of underground infrastructure such as pipelines and pipes. Thanks to the innovative, future-oriented products, the company is pleased about the constantly increasing global demand.